ICIS 2009 Senior Scholars Consortium


John L. King, University of Michigan and Michael Myers, University of Auckland


The Senior Scholars Consortium sponsors a Panel during the conference that is open to all ICIS attendees. Date/Time/Location is TBA. The topic of the panel is, "What do we like about the IS Field?" Click to see the ICIS program entry for this.

Participation in the consortium itself - immediately following the conference - is by invitation only. It will be held on Friday December 18, 12:00-15:00, including working lunch. Location TBA.

Agenda for Friday Invitational Meeting

1. Welcome -- John King and Michael Myers

2. Revising the basket of journals? -- Carol Saunders

3. Chair/committee members for Best Publications Award for 2010 -- Carol Saunders

4. Topic for Discussion: "IS Departments around the world: How are we doing?" -- John King

5. Proposed topic for Senior Scholars Consortium at ICIS 2010? -- John King and Michael Myers

6. Chair(s) for SSC in 2010 -- Michael Myers

7. Other Business -- Michael Myers

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